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364 Days Until WORLD FOOD DAY
October 16

More than 850 million people in the world are hungry, and as many as 50 million of them are Americans! Worldwide, some estimate that 40 million people die each year because of hunger and diseases related to malnutrition -- and many of them are children!
There is more than enough food in the world so that no one need ever go hungry. Those who wish for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world are helping to make ending world hunger a major priority. In fact, all of the world's leaders agreed to cut the number of starving people in half by the year 2015 as the first priority of the Millennium Development Goals.
World Food Day / End Hunger Day is an opportunity for the global community to unite in an effort to help raise awareness about the global problem of hunger. World Food Day was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 to commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945 (resolution 35/70). The official goal of the day is to "heighten public awareness of the world food problem and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty."

DO ONE THING for a Better World

1. Find out more about world hunger
2. Pledge to Do One Thing to End Hunger:
- - Organize regular food drives to gather food for a local
 food bank.
- - Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
- - Ask your local supermarket to donate food to a local
food bank.
- - Start a community garden and donate the food to a soup kitchen.
-- Tell your elected official to protect kids' access to food - 
3. Support organizations working to end world hunger
4. Organize or participate in a community service or awareness-building event or activity on World Food Day

5. Create a short DoOneThing YouTube video to raise awareness about the problem of world hunger.

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