Full video: White tiger kills mentally unstable man in Delhi zoo


A day after a video of a white tiger killing a youth in his early twenties went viral, another horrific video clip has emerged on social media which shows how the big cat first played with the man and then mauled him. The incident happened in the National Zoological Park in India’s capital city Delhi. The victim, who was reportedly mentally unstable, has been identified as Maqsood, a resident of Anand Parbat in Delhi. In the fresh video, the guy is sitting just in front of the tiger and begging for his life. The actions of the man show how much scared he was at the time and understandably so.
The white tiger did not attack him right away but watched him for about 15 minutes. The animal touched him many times and also ign0red him for a while. But what actually made the tiger angry was the people pelting stones at it.
The viral video of the white tiger killing the man is recorded on a mobile phone and shows that witnesses who were pelting stones towards the tiger to divert its attention made the animal violent and then it killed the man. The white tiger caught the man by his neck and dragged him brutally. It seems the victim leapt the zoo barricades and possibly slipped or jumped into the white tiger’s enclosure.

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